Instructions for making gripfids

Please note that these instructions are intended for making many gripfids in large batches and are not well-suited for making just one or two gripfids for your own use.

Why this disclosure and what are the conditions of use?

While it is our intent to continue supplying gripfids for ply-split braiding,  in recognition of Louise’s 80th year we have decided to disclose the system we have used to make thousands of gripfids of our original design.   These instructions are available without cost here, but we ask (if you are willing. It is not required.):

  1. Agree not to publish or post these instructions or modifications of them online. 
  2. If the requester or associates offer gripfids for sale (or will supply to others without cost), we ask that an acknowledgement of Louise French be cited if our methods impact your methods.

While we provide this information without cost, we do not release it to the public domain.  Our copyright still applies.

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    The goal is to make high quality gripfids quickly, reproducibly to a specification, and burr free.  Our method has 6 steps:

      1. Grind a hollow knitting needle to proper depth.

      2. Cut a slot to elongate the internal vee groove (see below in step 4).

      3. Remove the big burr with a deburring wheel.

      4. Remove remaining little burrs and shape the vee groove with needle file.

      5. Hand polish and inspect.

      6. Cut to length and glue on the knob.

    Each step is done in large batches to minimize setup time.  Aside from setup the approximate time it takes for each step above:

      1. 40 seconds per gripfid

      2. 15 seconds

      3. 15 seconds

      4. 60 seconds

      5. About 2 to 5 minutes depending on work needed

      6. 10 seconds

    Total time is about 5 to 10 minutes plus setup time, or about a dozen gripfids per hour.   We do the steps in batches of 30 to 100 so setup time is low per gripfid.  Materials cost per dozen gripfids including abrasives and needles is less than $24 or less than $2.00 each.




Gripfid Making

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