Gripfids are the fundamental tool for Ply-Split Braiding.  They split the cords, grip another cord, and pull it back through. Our Gripfids are based on our original innovative design and are handmade in my studio/workshop . They have small smooth tips that split cords easily, and a burr-free plated surface that glides smoothly through the work piece. The gripper vee-groove is designed to be effective but light so that the cord is removed without extra motion or tugging. They have a small knob on the end for comfortable use.  The standard length is about 4 inches. Many diameters and lengths are possible, but three sizes are available from stock. The Medium (4.5 mm gripfids is the best size for our Ready Made Cords).

 E-mail us if you need something special or quantities of 10 or more .All Gripfids are made in the  USA, Some materials originate in China or India.

Our Ply-Split Braiding Products

Gripfid tool used to split the plies of a cord or several cords and pull another cord back through them


Cord Maker to twist yarn into a cord

Bradshaw Cordmaker

Ready-made Cotton Cords in your choice of 11 colors. Ideal for those not yet ready to create their own cords

Cotton Cords

Books for instruction and inspiration to create your own ply-split braiding art

Ply-Split Braiding Books by Julie Hedges

Gripfid Set

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Gripfid standard sizes 

US Dollars

Set of Three Gripfids. One each of Small, Medium, and Large Gripfids.


Small 3.7 mm Gripfid. Suitable for 4-ply cords made from 8 strands of 10/2 mercerized cotton or equivalent.  (Cord up to about 3/32 inch [2.5 mm] diameter.) Compare to # 5 knitting needle.


Medium 4.5 mm Gripfid. Suitable for 4-ply cords made from 16 strands of 10/2 mercerized cotton or equivalent or equivalent.  (Cord up to about 5/32 inch [3.5 mm] diameter.) Compare to #7 knitting needle. This size is perfect for our pre-made cords.


Large 6.5 mm Gripfid.  Suitable for 4-ply cords made from 16  strands of 5/2 mercerized cotton or equivalent .  (Cord up to about 7/32 inch [5 mm] diameter.)  Compare to #10.5 knitting needle.



Bradshaw 4-Hook Cordmaker

We offer the premier 4-hook cordmaker Bradshaw Model 15 Cord Maker.  This is the ideal cordmaker for Ply-Split Braiding since it is easy to create cords from yarn or ribbon.

Prices for the cordmaker includes the cordmaker head and outend with hooks. An electric drill and drill holder are not included.Cord makers are made in the USA. For more information  on making cords with either cordmaker see Cord Making for Ply-Split Braiding

For heavy, stiff rope-making from jute, hemp or similar materials, these cord makers are NOT recommended.  These materials may bend the hooks when tightly twisted and will void any warranty.


Bradshaw Cord Maker for twisting cords

Bradshaw 4-hook Model 15 Cordmaker with outend and instructions.
Requires a 3/8 inch or larger variable speed reversible electric drill, not included.



Cotton Cords for ply-split braidingReady-Made Mercerized Cotton Cords

Our cords are made from UKI Supreme mercerized (perle ) cotton yarn. Each cord is 4-ply, Z-twisted and about 136 inches long. Cord diameter is approximately 3 mm (1/8 inch). This size is well suited to our medium-sized (4.5 mm) gripfid. Cord colors correspond to the UKI Supreme cotton yarn colors (see their color chart).


Mercerized Cotton Color

US Dollars per Cord


Black cord



Daffodil cord


Deep Turquoise

Deep-turq cord



Lipstick cord



Periwinkle cord



Pistashio cord


Purple Passion

Purple passion cord



Quarry cord



Royal cord



Scarab cord



White cord



Books: Ply-Split Braiding

PSB Introduction book
ply-split braiding Jewelry book
ply-splitting in three dimensions book
PSB Further Techniques book

Four Ply-Split Braiding books by Julie Hedge

Julie Hedges is a renowned expert on Ply-Split Braiding.  From her home in England she has travelled to Northwest India to study the origins of this art, and has collaborated with Peter Collingwood, who wrote extensive documentation of the technique. We strongly recommend that everyone interested in ply-split braiding use her introductory book as a guide to the fundamentals.

Books Published in the United KIngdom

US Dollars

Julie Hedges' book: Ply-Split Braiding, An introduction to designs in single course twining; including methods for Waves, Zigzags, Basket Weave Designs and Cordmaking

Clear step-by-step instructions, together with excellent color illustrations, make this book a user-friendly introduction to the craft of ply-split braiding. (48 pages including color photos and illustrations - 2006). ISBN-13: 9780955418709


Julie Hedges' book: Ply-Split Braiding, Further Techniques

Detailed instructions on advanced techniques including Ply-Split Darning, Single Course Oblique Twining, Plain Oblique Twining, and Ply-Split Hexagons. (80 pages including color photos and illustrations, Spiral bound - 2011). ISBN-13: 9780955418716


Julie Hedges' book: Ply-Splitting in 3 Dimensions An Introduction to making vessels and Sculptural Forms  (64 pages including color photos and illustrations, Spiral bound - 2013). ISBN-13: 978-0955418723



Julie Hedges' book: Ply-Split Braided Jewellery
                                        Chokers and Tubes
                                        Roses & Crosses and Hexagon Bracelet

The designs in this book are developments of designs introduced in Julie Hedges' earlier books, listed above.  The emphasis of this briefer book is jewelry: neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings.  Please note that it is helpful to have one of her earlier books to fully understand the notations used in this book.  (14 pages including color photos and illustrations.  Paperback- 2015) ISBN-13: 978-0955418730



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