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Books: Ply-Split Braiding

By Julies Hedges

Julie Hedges is a renowned expert on Ply-Split Braiding.  From her home in England she has travelled to Northwest India to study the origins of this art.. We strongly recommend that everyone interested in ply-split braiding use her introductory book as a guide to the fundamentals and a source of ply-splitting patterns.

These books are highly illustrated with color photographs.  Available from the Braid Society


Ply-Split Braiding, An introduction to designs in single course twining; including methods for Waves, Zigzags, Basket Weave Designs and Cordmakers


 Ply-split Braiding An Introduction


Ply-Split Braiding, Further Techniques

Detailed instructions on advanced techniques including Ply-Split Darning, Single Course Oblique Twining, Plain Oblique Twining, and Ply-Split Hexagon

Ply-split Braiding Further Techniques



Ply-Splitting in 3 Dimensions

An Introduction to making vessels and Sculptural Forms

Available from us



ply Split Braiding in Three Dimensions

Ply-Split Braided Jewellery

The designs in this book are developments of designs introduced in Julie Hedges' earlier books, listed above.  The emphasis of this briefer book is jewelry: neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings.  Please note that it is helpful to have one of her earlier books to fully understand the notations used in this book.  (14 pages including color photos and illustrations.

Ply Split Braiding Jewelry

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