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Hints for making a larger basket

Hints for making a larger basket similar to the multicolored basket shown in Louise’s article in Handwoven November/December 2011. 

The article, “A Tisket, a Tasket, a Ply-Split Basket” gives details on how to make a small basket using one main color and one outline color in groups of six cords. The same basic pattern may be expanded to a larger basket, also shown in the same article. In this version six main colors and one outline color are used. 

Here are some hints to get started:


The pictured basket uses three warm colors and three cool colors, plus an outline color. Specifically the pictured basket uses cords made with UKI pearl cotton.

  1. Duck

  2. Peach

  3. Malady Purple

  4. Daffodil

  5. Paradise

  6. Deep Lilac

  7. Stone as the outline color 


Each cord is 68 inches long. There are two groups of each color for a total of 72 cords.


The cords in the article were made with 10/2 UKI mercerized cotton, 4 ends per ply, with a 15% take-up on the initial over-twist.


The basket starts the same as the smaller version, but uses six groups of cords in each direction.  


See the pictures at the right for color order. 







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